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Lena Von Vintage: Finding Color Inspiration Through Food

By On February 4, 2018

I cannot color coordinate….. AT ALL!  For this exact reason, I adopted the “goth” look early on in my youth.  Black matches black.  Well….sort of.  But that is a whole other story… Read More

My World

The Hatching of a Fashionista

By On March 2, 2017

As I peeled these adorable boiled quail eggs, I noticed a gorgeous powder blue color on the inside of the shell.  It reminded me of the ever so popular Tiffany & Co.… Read More

My World

A Capsule Is a Capsule Is a Capsule…

By On August 12, 2016

As I continue to learn more about cooking, I become more comfortable with how certain flavors go together.  We learn as we do and in turn, we begin to love WHAT we do.… Read More

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