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Four Salads for the Fourth of July

By On July 3, 2017

Take any one of these salads to the July 4th cookout you were invited to, and the back yard will get sexy the second you walk in…. The first one is a… Read More


Some Girls’ Mothers Are Bigger Than Other Girls’ Mothers

By On May 12, 2017

Why yes….I AM referring to The Smiths song about the realization of all the various contours of  women.  But, I am also proclaiming that my mother was indeed huge.  I don’t mean… Read More


Taco Salad with Pomegranate Seeds

By On August 20, 2016

It is no secret.  I use this damn beef recipe on EVERYTHING.  It is just so good and so versatile. Earlier in the week, I had shared a few recipes about avocados… Read More

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