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My World


By On September 17, 2017

There comes a time in our lives when we discover, after 46 years, we actually don’t know shit.  Who’s 46, by the way?  I’m not 46….YOU’RE 46.  Anyway….. Taking a short hiatus… Read More

My World

I’m Breaking Up With My Microwave

By On July 9, 2017

I remember the day my parents bought their first shiny new microwave.  Of course, it was a few years after everyone else had purchased their own.  We were always behind the times;… Read More

My World

Things I Love and Loathe

By On June 22, 2017

Every month, I see other bloggers posting about their “Favorite Things”, “Favourite Things” (from my UK gals) or “Currently Crushing On…” and I’m just like….  “Bitch, don’t you just loathe SOMETHING?  ANYTHING?”… Read More

My World

Gen-X’er Like An MF’er

By On June 18, 2017

Over Memorial holiday weekend, Brandon and I dug through stacked boxes in our garage to locate my old VHS tapes.  I was on a mission to find three magical tapes marked 120… Read More


Mastering the Art of Starting Over: Julia Child’s Chocolate Souffle

By On May 21, 2017

There is something about the rain that transforms me completely.  For some reason, it has always been a signal from mother nature for me to stop, smell, breathe in, and listen.  I… Read More


Some Girls’ Mothers Are Bigger Than Other Girls’ Mothers

By On May 12, 2017

Why yes….I AM referring to The Smiths song about the realization of all the various contours of  women.  But, I am also proclaiming that my mother was indeed huge.  I don’t mean… Read More

My World

Favorite Things: Cauliflower Cake and Incense

By On April 30, 2017

Yesterday, instead of venturing out to the annual Thomasville Rose Show Festival, I decided to stay in the kitchen a bit longer and try a new recipe from one of my favorite Yotam… Read More


Favorite Things: Daydreaming and Watermelon Salad

By On April 2, 2017

I had a few weeks to relax, take a break from work, and spend time with my beautiful kids and handsome hubs.  Having time like that truly translates to having lots of… Read More

My World

Spain: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

By On March 23, 2017

I was having an “Uncle Rico” moment yesterday as I daydreamed about my 2014 travel to Europe.  I was privileged to have had the opportunity to visit so many beautiful places through… Read More


Roasted Cornish Hens with Brown Basmati Fried Rice

By On March 9, 2017

As I prepare dinner, I think about what my family is doing for THEIR dinner back home.  I think about how I can make my dish vegan for Brandon.  Tofurkey instead of… Read More

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