Black Fig Food

Black Fig Table

This past winter, I began writing a cookbook that would contain recipes developed to satisfy the flexitarian in us all.  Working in the catering business and providing different dietary needs for my clients as well as my family at home, I was constantly adjusting my recipes to accommodate everyone.  In other words, I was always needing to be ‘flexible’.   I quickly became frustrated and confused as to what type of cookbook I would end up writing.  So, I decided to place it on the back burner and begin focusing on a different idea.  I needed to investigate my history with food and how it shaped me into the cook I am today.            

I introduce to you a brand new cookbook project, Black Fig Table: A Memoir with Recipes. Over the years, food has been a comfort, a friend, an enemy, an art lesson, a science experiment, an apology, a peace-maker, and a love affair.   My stories will guide you through the birth and evolution of Black Fig with recipes that are inspired from memorable events.  Progress is being made, memories are being dredged up, and recipes are being refined.  Please keep up with the progress and cultivation of my new baby right here on the blog!  

Happy cooking! 

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