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Black Fig Society

Welcome to my Black Fig Society page!

Food, music, and art are powerful.  They have been by my side longer than the day I acknowledged their presence.  They have shaped me into the person I have become.  They have inspired me to be the “me” I would never be ashamed of being.  And for that, they will always be near me.  I have always said that I cannot do one without the other.  I cannot cook or create art without music in the background.  I cannot cook or create music without having art in mind.

The experiences from this particular trinity are just as important for others as it is for me and I want to hear about those experiences!  The Society is about artists of all kinds who grow, become inspired and stay connected with the trinity.    It is about what inspires them to create.  What daily rituals are performed in order to feed their creative energy?  What childhood memory of food or scent sparks something in them to create?  For instance, Is it that bomb-ass pie their grandma used to bake?  And lastly, what favorite recipe do they always go to for comfort or inspiration?

I want to know!


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