Black Fig Food


My name is Ruthie Landelius.  I am a wife, mom, private chef, artist, and closeted musician.  I tend to see the beauty in everything and always try to slow down to enjoy every bit of life.

For me, food is art.  It is the only form of art in which I can use all of my senses to enjoy.  Food, music, and art have always been of great interest and inspiration for me.  They merge into, what I call, My Trinity of Expression which speaks to creativity and self-discovery.  I cannot do one without the other.

I began Black Fig Catering in the summer of 2013 after working as a personal chef for four years.  Since then, I have been privileged to have recipes featured in local magazine articles, I took a spin at teaching cooking classes at a local community college, and catered all sorts of parties and events from 2 to 500 guests.  Cooking was the only thing I enjoyed more than anything.  After receiving my BFA degree in the Fall of 2014, I decided to put my MA in Education on the back burner in order to grow my catering business. My advisor and professor, in the nicest way possible, told me that he could see that my heart was not in being in school.  He said “What are you doing here? GO COOK!” He was right. I had to cook.  My passion for food grew deeper and I just knew that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.  2015 turned into the year of “Ruthie”.  My catering business took off in full force leaving me with many weekends of long hours, stiff hands and throbbing feet, but, I loved every minute of it.  I married the love of my life, Brandon, and put my catering business on hold to private chef in Georgia during hunting season.  It was difficult leaving my new husband and three beautiful children behind but I had to check it out and possibly expand new horizons for myself.  After experiencing a season in the true South, I accepted the gig full time and have been commuting back and forth from Texas to Georgia throughout the year.  I get to enjoy more time with my family and work on other hobbies, one of which is this food blog.

Cooking for so many different palates with various dietary restrictions, it is sometimes a challenge to please everyone.  With a vegan husband and carnivorous kiddos, I am continuously developing fresh ideas and recipes that make the veggies take center stage.  In Black Fig Food, you will find most of my recipes focused on our green and crunchy friends with animal fat taking the back seat.  Most of the recipes allow you to make one vegan dish and add an animal protein to cater to your vegetarian and carnivore buddies.  There ARE ways to please everyone.  Just don’t let it “suck” in taste.  So, stick around so I can help you with that!


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